Tariffs and cost of services

There are two internal currencies on the site: LIKES (first round of auction) and COINS (second round of auction). There is also a base currency (that is purchased for real money) and a bonus (which is received as a bonus, such as registration, as a gift from another user, etc.) To be able to participate in the auctions, you need or top up your wallet (any of the three possible recharge options (PayPal, Credit / Debit Card, LiqPay)), or have bonus funds on your balance. One LIKE/COIN costs 1 UAH (Ukrainian national currency). Minimum amount of replenishment is 20 LIKES/COINS, and it is possible to pay for the internal currencies of the site in any currency of the world. All funds that came to the main balance on the site can no longer be withdrawn !!!

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At the top of the site you can see how much one LIKE/COIN costs in US dollars and euros, but the exchange rate may fluctuate because it is pegged to the rate of PrivatBank (Ukrainian bank).

For services such as donating money, selling/buying goods from the “Shop” section and the exchanger service, there is a commission of 10% of the transaction, and these transactions can be performed only with funds from the main balance. Minimum amount to exchange is 10 LIKES/COINS.

There is a service on the site to deposit money, but only from the main balance, under the following conditions:

– 7 days at 7%,

– 15 days at 20%,

– 30 days at 50%.

The minimum deposit amount is 15 LIKES/COINS. The loan service is without % for both tours and it is advisable to pay off the debt as soon as possible so that you can continue to bid and win the goods.

You can also get $500 cash back after 1,000 members have signed up for a referral link that will make at least a minimal top up (ie, buy LIKES/COINS for real money).

Return policy

Within 14 days from the date of receipt of the goods the customer has the right to return or exchange the goods. Each return or exchange is treated individually. The customer should send a refund / exchange request to: support@online-ae.net.