Frequently Asked Questions

Bonus is available for the following operations:

  • for registration on the site (100 LIKES);
  • as a gift from another user (10% commission for such operation);
  • as a percentage of the deposit;
  • when selling the winning product;
  • upon return of 50% of the funds used from the principal balance for the previous calendar month;
  • upon return of 25% of the funds used from the main balance after failing to enter the second round or 50% if not winning the auction;
  • and in some other cases.

First, the bonus is written off and then off the main balance.

In case you spend all the bonus (which is deducted first), then it was possible to spend funds from the main balance for such services as donate funds, put on deposit, or use them in the exchanger.

For the Credit service it is possible to borrow funds in the amount of 25% or 50% (depending on the auction round) from all delivered in the amount used from both the bonus and the basic balance.

No, only for the main balance and only for LIKES.

After the deposit is over, the accrued interest is credited to the bonus balance and the principal amount to the main balance.

Only one, the next can be opened only after the current one.

Accumulated interest is burned and the principal is returned to the main balance.

Credit can be paid for all auctions at the same time in which the user participates.