About Us

Online Auctions of Electronics Company (hereinafter Online-AE) is an electronics auction site. The main idea of this site is to enable buyers to get the desired product at very low prices. Company motto: More Users = Cheaper Price!!!

By inviting a large number of users to participate in the auctions, you automatically reduce the price of the goods. And even if you do not win any auctions in a calendar month you will receive up to 75% of your money spent.

The company began operations in September 2019 and is located in East Brunswick, New Jersey, USA. We offer ONLY new equipment and deliver it anywhere for FREE!!! The company is headquartered in the US, but has agents in different countries, such as Ukraine, Italy, United Kingdom, Spain, Poland, Germany, Belarus, Estonia, Russia, Israel and is still planning to attract agents in all other countries where users can easily receive desired products from our site.